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Lighting, reflector, beam angle, reflective material

Expertise: Service innovation, Design, Field trials / living lab, Other technology provider, Impact assessment, Knowledge transfer, Project management

We are looking for the following organisations: University, Research institution, SME, Large Enterprise, End user organisation, Business partner

Applications: Health & wellness, Home care, Social interaction, Work

With the aim to reduce cost of installation in lighting market, arisen idea is about to use as less lighting fixtures as possible in a building, reducing cost of cabling and installation, and improving quality of lighting in term of glare and uniformity.

After some calculations, we are able to give beam angle of supply lighting (Lamp) and angles and position of reflector according to the room to reduce number of fixtures and therefore, cost of installation and maintenance.

We are looking for partnership for the development of a prototype according to these calculations, either for the power supply (LED lamp with different beam angles) and for the receptor (nice-looking reflective material design) able to spread the lighitng all around the room uniformily. Target is to get only one flexible product  to suit different requirements.

This products, with business perspective, could be used at new office buildings and retailers

Contact details


Javier Acevedo Morales. Electrical Engineer
Phone: 0488486769


Place des Martyrs 9, 1000 Brussels