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Home Sweet Home

Expertise: Service innovation, User perspective, Field trials / living lab, Information technologies, data storage and processing (back end), Interfaces, software (front end), Communication technologies / Tele-systems, Learning & Training, Communication / Dissemination / Marketing, Knowledge transfer, Project management

We are looking for the following organisations: Research institution, SME, End user organisation, Business partner

Applications: Health & wellness, Information and learning, Skills enhancement


The project Home Sweet Home distinguishes itself by a regional approach. The foundation Holland Health, care-organisations, business and17 municipalities in the region Noord-Holland Noord are cooperating with each other in the program “Tasty living, something we do together” (Lekker Leven doe je Samen). Out of this program different themes are being performed on regional level, like activities concentrated on obese, sport or healthy food.


Another theme “Getting older safely and with one another” is quite important for a region where aging will increase more than average in the near future. The high pressure on aging population and the recently initiated decentralization of healthcare resources to the local authority in the Netherlands, will lead to the assumption even more inhabitants of the region will rely on the local government for information and support. At the same time the local authorities are aware vital and healthy elderly will lower the costs for care. Care organisations and municipalities are taken advantage of elderly who stay living at their homes. On their turn, elderly are longing for staying actively at their homes. Elderly people and involved organisations should both look for opportunities to realize the ambition of living actively and independently at home. Within the project Home Sweet Home the focus will be on four keywords: Prevention – Safety – Awareness – with Each Other.


ICT can play a significant role for elderly who enjoy staying actively and independently at home. However on forehand elderly should be well informed about some conditions concerning their own home-situation in regarding to the possibilities of home technology. Our focus is based on the following subjects:

  1. Home Technology Applications tailored to the needs of the end-users (demand driven home technology)
  2. Affordable solutions (amount of money the elderly is prepared to spend)
  3. Learning by practicing
  4. For and by the end-user


These four principles are the base of the project Home Sweet Home.

Aged people should be (on forehand) well informed about the variety in home-technology solutions which are offered on the market, so the elderly will have the opportunity to make a proper consideration about the facilities which home technology has to offer. Many studies show the‘vital and healthy greybeard’ of today does not bother about a possible increasing dependency on home-technology in the future. In most favorable way, an occupant of a dwelling invests in domotica to realize more comfort in the home situation. Until, all of a sudden, his life condition changes by which means he has to rely on home-technology. Only at that point he realizes there is a gap of knowledge about the facilities home technology is offering and, worse, the budget to finance some comfort, safety and communication (on distance) for the alterated situation is lacking.


The end-user of today should be able to choose the right sustainable technology regarding prevention, safety and communication, within the margins of his disposable budget.

The end-user must also have access to tools to learn how to control the applications.

The end-users must rely on a troubleshooter in the case of failure of the system.

Finally the end-user schould be provided in some aspects of communication via home technology tools.


The project Home Sweet Home concentrates on facilitating elderly living in the region Noord-Holland Noord in getting familiar with the possibilities of home technology. The project sustains end-users in acquiring the right (tailor made) home-technology services against affordable  costs. Once having obtained these facilities, the project will provide the elderly in an ICT support tool, where the end-user can appeal on troubleshooters and the existence of a communication network


This project will focus on the following activities:

  • Developing of an information and demonstration tool on home technology;
  • Developing  an advanced ICT-tool which sustains the user to make the right decision at acquiring home technology services. Variables which will be put in the program are:
    • Diversity of home technology services
    • Available budget
    • Current home situation
  • Providing first line support for practicing and failures
  • On regional level facilitating interactive communication, including community-based networking.
  • A website

All together we call the “Home Sweet Home Box”. Particular at the creation of this box is the participating of end-users (the HSH Box will be designed for and by elderly)


'Home Sweet Home' establishes a relationship between the individual needs of elderly, health care providers and suppliers of home technology. Home technology schould be transparent and accessible for everyone. Older people will be well informed to make a personal choice in home technology. The regional approach of this project invites the development of tools which enable elderly meeting each other, both personal and on-line.


Two companies have agreed in principle they will join the project. Their commitment is very essential. The first will develop the ICT tool for end users for choosing the right home technology applications. The second is a ‘learning by practicing’ enterprise on automation. Employees are clients of the GGZ (Dutch Association of Mental Health and Addiction Care). During the project we will experiment with elderly who will be educated as troubleshooters. Together with an employee of the enterprise they will visit houses of other elderly, who face problems with their home technology.


Contact details


Rob Kauffman
Phone: 0031229241430


Holland Health
Beurtschip 3, 1625 BW Hoorn

The Netherlands