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Ingeniería y Soluciones Informáticas (ISOIN)

Our organisation type is:: SME, Business partner

We are active in the following Technologies: Service innovation, User perspective, Design, Hardware, sensors, actuators, Information technologies, data storage and processing (back end), Interfaces, software (front end), Integration, Communication technologies / Tele-systems, Accessibility, Other technology provider, Communication / Dissemination / Marketing, Impact assessment, Knowledge transfer, Business development, Project management

Applications: Health & wellness, Home care, Information and learning, Mobility, Skills enhancement, Social interaction, Other

Ingeniería y Soluciones Informáticas (ISOIN) is a Spanish SME working in Information Technology fields, with a deep experience and a highly qualified labour in ambient intelligence, mobile communication, collaborative work and system integration. Our competence areas include:


-          Ambient Intelligence: smart embedded devices, sensors, presence and context awareness, ubiquitous computation.

-          Networking and communication: short/medium distance technologies, mobile 3G communications (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GSM/GPRS/UMTS, WiMAX, NFC and RFID)

-          Software development: eServices, artificial intelligence, neural networks in distributed environments, system integration and interoperability.

-          Multimodal interfaces: Social interaction, Virtual reality for development, production and service activities, virtual prototyping, interactive simulation, cooperative design, e-learning interactive systems.

-          Training and consultancy: training, consultancy, technical support in IT and production fields

-          Research and Technology Development: ICT, Intelligent Networks, wireless / mobility solutions, collaborative networks, middleware and software engineering.

-          Sustainable urban mobility: transport planification, intelligent transport systems (ITS), sustainable urban plans, and integral logistics, focusing on energy efficiency and reduction of carbon emissions. Experience with GPS, real time computing algorithms and radio communications.

-          Collaborative networks of organizations: support to industry with methodologies and ICT solutions to promote the set up and deployment of clusters: services and technologies to enable collaboration of physically, geographically and temporally distributed organisations.

-          Organisations & processes optimization: Business model(s), strategy management, concurrent engineering, industrial activities assessment, BSC, PDM/PLM, SCM.


Related Previous Experience

ISOIN has been participating to a relevant number of research projects in National and European level building a reference in research and innovation in our competences. Relevant experience to the scope of the project includes:

-          e-Inclusion (development of an open system that facilitate the use of PC for disadvantaged users (eTODOS); Remote home assistance (SISA).)

-          ambient intelligence (collaborative Learning Platform for Mobile Workers based on AmI Technologies, Ambient Intelligent System for industrial settings)

-          networking and communications: NFC and Bluetooth connectivity; security in mobile networks (BlueGate).

-          Interactive 3D (FP6-CADPIPE; FP5-OLIMP 3D)

-          SOA (FP7-COIN; FP6-ECOLEAD).

-          Mainstreaming Accessibility through Synergistic User Modelling and Adaptability (FP7-MyUI).

-          Situated Adaptive Guidance for the Mobile Elderly (AAL-MobileSage).

-          Transport and travel system based on emotional networking (AAL-T&TNet).

-          Multimedia TV platform based on android and 3G mobile connections (FuTVre)

-          Stimulating and supporting daily activities at home, Self-Care @home, cooperation between formal and informal career. (AAL-GeTVivid).

-          Dynamic nutrItion bEhaviour awareness sysTem FOR theElders (AAL-Diet4Elder).

-          Natural language processing and emotion recognition based on voice. (E3MEL).

-          Interconnection platform to access NFC-enabled services using digital IDs (ONLINE).


Please don’t have any hesitation to contact me in case you need further details about us.

Contact details


Mr. Victor Sanchez


Astronomia 1, Seville