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* iDoctus* simple interfaces on phones/tablets to bridge health pros & patients

Our organisation type is:: SME

We are active in the following Technologies: human-machine-interface, medicine, software-web-networks

Action type: Development, Business model(s), Service innovation

Applications: Health & wellness, Mobility

iDoctus is a private company created in 2011 by several MIT alumni, with the objective of playing a pivotal role in the development of mobile clinical solutions for the elder. We have developed the most used clinical mobile app among Spanish physicians, and creators of point-of-care clinical solutions to increase the security of sick elders, Our focus is on raising living standards and cost cutting through our mobile aplications.

iDoctus capabilities goes beyond software development. We filter, select, and adapt medical content based on scientific evidence, and add easy user-interface and slick design to create a smooth interaction between patients and their care takers.

The company partners with the healthcare industry, including public & private hospitals, insurance companies, and national medical associations.


We are savvy niche players with top-notch business and technical knowledge, grounded with solid ethical standards. We focus on designing solutions that helps improve chronic patient's care and medical practice efficiencies using our drug prescription & reference, educational, and communication clinical apps. Our expertise includes:

• Functional design for clinical use
• UX for physicians and chronic patients
• Managing pilot testing
• Back-end development
• Taxonomies for easy-use in medical set-ups
• Coding for iOS+PHP+Android
• Communications physician-physician and physician-patient with XMPP & EU DPD-HiPAA compliance

…. among other organizational and business skills required to thrive in the mHealth arena.


Not only the partners and individual staff at iDoctus treasure meaningful experience in R&D international projects. iDoctus, also has a shinning record as a company immersed in developing cutting-edge solutions for the mHealth industry.

i. MediCloud.- A consortium of four companies lead by iDoctus, with budget of 1,3 M euro to develop a medical platform including: doctor-doc and doc-patient secured communication & cloud repository, clinical and reference tools to boost physician´s productivity and reduce prescription errors, access to several hospital systems, and dashboard for tech med devices.
ii. iHolter.- A consortium of three companies with a pivotal role of iDoctus, with budget of 0,83 M euro to develop a portable holter with cloud repository and seamless continuous cardiac monitoring platform.
iii. SafePill.- An R&D project for iDoctus to develop an app prototype capable to identifying any commercial drug pill using the camera of any smartphone. Budget of 0,64 M euro with a grant of 0,32 M euro.
iv. ENISA.- A 200k € project to evolve and commercialize the iDoctus clinical application for Spanish and Latin American physicians.

Our team members are fast-track achievers with:
• 100% successful rate on research projects
• Accumulation of 5 masters in MIT and Stanford
• Holders of international patent for mobile technologies
• Award-winning uprise mobile technology

Contact details


LUIS CANIZO, partner
Phone: (34)644008536


C/ Nuñez de Balboa, 114 Pl-3-15, 28006 MADRID