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terzStiftung, Switzerland

Our organisation type is:: End user organisation

We are active in the following Technologies: communication, smart-home, software-web-networks, tele-monitoring

Action type: Research, Testing / Trials, User perspective, Service innovation, Social Science / Elderly, Public health

Applications: Health & wellness, Information and learning, Home care, Mobility, Social interaction, Hobbies

The terzStiftung is a non-profit foundation based in Berlingen, Switzerland, close to the lake of Constance and close to Germany, founded in 2007. The foundation works in 2 main areas: as a Representative Body for mature people and as a General Service Provider.

As a General Service Provider, we offer consulting services and an information-desk, consisting of a hot-line, a printed magazine and a web-portal to advise and solve the problems of our 6000 benefactors, in the subjects “prevention &health”, “living &habitation”, “finances &law” and “mobility & activity”.

As the Representative Body for mature people, we work as a consumer-organisation and as a lobbyist for the interests of the generations 50+. In this department, we focus on research, stakeholder-dialogues and testing of products, facilities and services.

In Research, we have a panel with about 800 participants, where we do regular studies about these diverse generations 50+ in such aspects as quality of life, mobility, health, finances, politics, habitation and their general needs.

In Stakeholder-dialogues, we offer services to companies to communicate with experienced consumers and to use their expert knowledge. To ensure effective and efficient processes and solutions, we developed together with the foundation, a new and innovative method called “the Resonance-Group”. With meetings, workshops and a virtual platform containing forums and surveys, the company is able to develop products and services, to improve their reputation and to check back with them about new ideas.

In Testing, we have about 300 trained and qualified experts, ages  between 50 and 85 years, which test products, facilities and services as end-users. We offer Mystery Shopping, Mystery Calling and Products- and Usability-Testing to our customers. We award the certificate-label “suggested by experienced customers” to companies and products which passed this tests with at least a 7 on a scale of 10 possible points.

We join in the AAL-Projects “Confidence” (Call 5) and “TAO” (Call 2) and work together in projects with the University of St.Gallen, the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, the Bern University of Applied Sciences and different Non-Profit-Organisations as Allergie Suisse, Gesundheitsförderung Schweiz, Fonds für  Verkehrssicherheit, Fussverkehr Schweiz, My Happy End, pro audito Schweiz, Pro Senectute Thurgau, Seniorenverband Nordwestschweiz, and TCS.

We look forward to working together with you as an end-user-organisation in Switzerland.

Contact details


René Künzli
Phone: +41 52 723 37 02


Seestrasse 112, 8267 Berlingen