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Alston Healthcare - end user trial co-ordination

Our organisation type is:: SME

We are active in the following Technologies: communication, human-machine-interface, smart-home, tele-monitoring

Action type: Testing / Trials, Studies, User perspective, Business model(s), Service innovation

Applications: Health & wellness, Supply with goods & chores, Safety, security, privacy, Information and learning, Home care, Mobility, Social interaction, Hobbies

Cybermoor a social enterprise located in Alston, in the North Pennines.  The remoteness of the community lead to the establishment of Cybermoor in 2002, providing broadband and PCs to improve access to services and overcome isolation.  In 2007, Cybermoor established the Alston Healthcare project, which focused on developing telehealth and telemedicine services for the local community, in conjunction with the local community hospital and medical practice.  This lead to the successful implementation of a COPD / heart failure telehealth project for 40 patients earlier this year.  

Cybermoor can bring 3 elements to your project:

* an understanding of the challenges of implementing e-healthcare solutions.

* a community in North Cumbria who have connectivity and access to a high bandwidth broadband network.

* links with the local healthcare community (both clinicians and managers).

We work with other NGOs to recruit test users for projects and have also carried out usability testing in the past.

The team have been involved in 6th Framework and E-TEN projects supported by the European Commission and this has provided a good understanding of partnership working. 


Contact details


Daniel Heery
Phone: 441434382808


Alston Town Hall, CA9 3RF Cumbria

United Kingdom