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Interactive Device for Enhancing Elderly´s People Autonomy

Our organisation type is:: University

We are active in the following Technologies: communication, human-machine-interface, medicine, smart-home, software-web-networks

Action type: Research, Development, Testing / Trials, User perspective, Service innovation, Social Science / Elderly, Public health, Geriatric specialist Org

Applications: Health & wellness, Supply with goods & chores, Safety, security, privacy, Home care, Social interaction

This project aims to enhance elderly people autonomy at their own homes, using a touch-screen terminal with specially designed software. The target older adults are the ones living alone, in rural areas without accessible public transport and with financial constrained situations. We pretend to develop this work in five stages:

  1. Needs assessment

  2. Software development

  3. Prototype testing

  4. Project implementation

  5. Project assessment

All stages will be performed with the support of an elderly consultants’ group.

The planned software aims to be age appropriate and user friendly, with bigger font size; information in a video or image or voice format. Some possible focus areas/ software functionalities have been planned:

  1. Eating/Drinking

    1. Shopping for food

    2. Sufficient Nutrition

    3. Monitoring for intake

    4. Weight loss/ gain monitoring

    5. Diet personal assistance

    6. Meal Preparing

  2. Personal Hygiene

    1. Bath

    2. Teeth brushing

  3. Caring for the home/ Cleaning

    1. Waste management

    2. Dish washing

    3. Laundry

  4. Self-Care @ Home

    1. Medication Remembering

    2. Self-Check of health conditions and life-style

    3. Emergency alert

  5. Stimulating and Supporting of Activities

    1. Accompany service for outdoor activities

    2. Transportation for hospital/ pharmacy/ banks/ church/ services

Contact details


José Santos, Ph.D.


Polytechnic Institute of Bragança