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Technological Research Center of Peloponissos

Our organisation type is:: Research institution

We are active in the following Technologies: communication, software-web-networks

Action type: Research, Development, Studies

Applications: Health & wellness, Information and learning, Home care, Mobility

The fundamental goal of TRC of Peloponissos is the applied research development in order to solve problems of the productive procedure and the social and economic development of  Peloponissos. The applied research development will result in the improvement of the existing processes and the production methods, which serve not only the needs of the prefecture but the country's too.

TRC's main objective is the applications & products development,  services provision, as well as the support of industrial - manufacturing units. 

TRC is collaborating with local productive units of public and private sector tightening together research & labor market.

The members of Peloponissos TRC are also faculty members of TEI Kalamatas with professional and academic experience.

Contact details


Dr Theodore Kotsilieris


TRC Peloponissos
Antikalamos Messinias, 24100 Kalamata