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De Heer Medicom - A partner for realizing care projects

Our organisation type is:: SME

We are active in the following Technologies: communication, human-machine-interface, microsystems, sensors-actuators, software-web-networks

Action type: Research, Development

Applications: Health & wellness, Safety, security, privacy, Home care

Who are we?

De Heer Medicom is active in the field of health care applications for more than 35 years. We develop smart and intelligent healthcare systems. The systems guard the health of persons in care facilities as well as at home and support the persons in their daily activities. Our products and services are using state of the art technologies and are based on IP network communication.

De Heer Medicom has  its owns research and development departments as well as a project office which is responsible for rolling out the equipment in care institutions and peoples homes. De Heer Medicom is also active as (software) integrator and as such integrating third party products in its  own care communication platform.

De Heer Medicom also provides a 24/7 support service on the delivered and installed products


What are we looking for?

De Heer Medicom is searching for strategic partnerships with business partners, research institutes and end users within the formal and informal care delivery. The result of such partnership should be a product or service that allows people with a restriction (physical, mental) to live longer in their own home and trusted environment. We are searching for technology from others which we can combine with our long term experience in the (formal)care domain and our product development experience in order to create a product that can be rolled out in the market.


What can we offer?

De Heer Medicom offers hardware and software experience from their R&D department for product development. We  can translate concepts into a physical product or prototype taking  a relative short time to market time into account. We can also bring our long term experience in the (Dutch) care market into projects. This knowledge is on the filed of defining system concepts as well as the practical issues that play a role when rolling out and installing the products. Finally can we also introduce the end products into the market and add them to our product portfolio.


Contact details


Ing. Theo Vergoossen
Phone: +31 464892546


De Heer Medicom
Sluisweg 8, 6121 JR Born

The Netherlands