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Adopticum - resourceful and knowledgeable in the field of optical sensors

Our organisation type is:: Evaluation (trials) specialist organisation

We are active in the following Technologies: sensors-actuators

Action type: Development, Testing / Trials, Studies, Social Science / Elderly, Public health

Applications: Safety, security, privacy

Adopticum is a foundation working for industrial take-up of optical sensors and none invasive measurement technology. We are part of the regional innovation system in the northern part of Sweden and our mission is to contribute to regional growth. But we engage in any project, regional, national or international, anywhere our specialist competence can be put in to use. For example, we are currently involved in interregional projects covering Sweden and Finland.

Within short Adopticum will start a project with the objective to look at how optical sensors can be put in to use in the care of elderly. The first step will most likely be to look at the specific situation where elderly are still living at home but has the need for someone to regularly stop by during night time to verify that everything is OK. Putting optical sensors to use in this application can provide for a greater sense of safety and help directing care personnel to elderly that experience an immediate need for assistance. This way time can be freed up and this time can be put towards qualitative care time with caretakers.

We are open for collaboration in any type of project setting where our specialist competence in sensor technology might be useful.  We also have our in-house testing capacity for accelerated life-time testing of sensors (and other products) with climate chamber and vibration system.

Please feel free to get in contact with us to discuss any type of project.

Contact details


Kenth Johansson, CEO
Phone: +46 70 175 44 44


GymnasievÀgen, SkellefteÄ